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Christmas time is here!!  

Ok, I'm one of those people who begin the Christmas festivities before Thanksgiving ever gets here.  In fact, I've been listening to Christmas music since October.  Yes, I celebrate Thanksgiving and I'm very thankful...Thankful that it's Christmas time :)

No really, I figured since it is the season I would share a few new things that I have done and try to run through some quick diy directions if you want to give it a go yourself.


First, and most definitely my new bestie craft project...THE CHALKBOARD SIGN!  Yes, you have seen them, almost everywhere.  But how can you resist.  This is such a cool look right now.  And with help from your inner elf crafter, you can do it!

I have alot of info to pack into this blog, so, I'm going to make things quick.  You'll have to read between the lines.  You'll need a piece of luan, chalkboard paint, stencil of choice (you can make one), school chalk and fine point, hairspray to seal, Q-tips and a frame.  It's pretty straight forward, and I think self-explanatory.  

1. use white carbon paper for transfer, or chalk the backside of your stencil. 
2. The Q-tips help with fine lines and mess-ups. 
3. Seal with hairspray.  It will change the color of the chalk, never fear, it will will dry vibrant white.  You may use hairdryer to speed the process. 

There you got it!  I love mine and plan to use it for our family Christmas pics(I'll post in my gallery).  I'm going to make these available in various sizes and styles.  Stay tuned ;)



So, this may be a little higher diy scale.  Mostly, because my hubby takes care of the graphics and printing stuff.  You'll need raw canvas sheets, twine, hole punch, a printer, and a chevron graphic backgrounds.  

1. You can purchase 9x12 sheets of primed canvas in a pad at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  Print on the backside with an inkjet printer and you'll get that nice raw canvas look.  You will not be able to print on the primed side. 
2. You can add a background and individual letter on Microsoft Word if this is all you have access to. (let me know if you would like the chevron background shown)
3. Hole punch corners and tie with twine.

Voila!  You've got a big statement with little cost.



I wanted my front porch to have that vintage Christmas look.  Finally, I've put to good use all of Aubri's diaper boxes stuffed in my closet.  The burlap sacks are repurposed from our church fall social...shout out to FLC ;)  Had my girls slaving rocks from the rockbed (as you won't see any gardening blog entries here), filled and bowed. 

I'm most excited about the canvas on the boxes. $10 for a drop cloth canvas at Lowes, and I have plenty left over for...who knows what!  Cut 4-5" strips, tie with twine and pretty ribbon from the $1 rack at Michaels.  FYI...You can buy the believe sign from louandelle.com ;-)  Ok folks, it's a blog, I'm going to throw that in somewhere!


Be a dear and comment on this blog!!  


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Love all of it but my fav is

Love all of it but my fav is the chalkboard! You are so talented Kim! We love and miss you guys!! ♡

love creativity

loved both the chalkboard and the wrapping, so enjoy the warmth they add.

You are extremely talented!

I love all the things you make .. It's not only beautiful art but it's meanings are positive to the soul.


You can see the drawing pic on facebook :))

send me your address

send me your address

Love Everything!!!

I love everything!! Especially the distressed art work :)

Christmas giveaway

LOOOVE LOVE LOVE the Believe sign.... is that even a choice??? Hehe. ok, second choice... the chalkboard. Good job, elfie :-)

love all of it , my fav

love all of it , my fav is the chalk board sign as well

Merry Christmas sign!

Love your work Kim! You are so talented. I love your Christmas decor!!

You're work is amazing. My

You're work is amazing. My favorite just might be the family name on the reclaimed wood. It's beautiful. :)

Brandie Stelly...

HaHa! The giveaway is for the "Merry Christmas" Sign at the bottom of the blog page ;)
To enter for the giveaway you would simply make a comment noting the item in my shop that you like the most...not necessarily something in the blog, but that's good too. So, you have properly entered...and you never know, if you "believe" hard enough you may just get your heart's desire!! hehe...Love ya Sis!

You are so creative and

You are so creative and talented!!! It's hard to choose one favorite. ;)

Thanks Jenny!!!

Thanks Jenny!!!

I love the chalkboard sign!

I love the chalkboard sign! Miss you bunches!

Miss you too Lindsay!

Miss you too Lindsay!

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