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Hello there!

I know...I'm late posting!!!  I've been busy!!!

I wanted to share these letter canvases with you.  I painted these for a mentoring company in California and thought it was such a great idea!  Up to this point I had only painted these canvases as a name for a boys bedroom on 12"x12" canvases.  I can't actually take the credit for this idea though.  They contacted me wanting this design but in their corporate colors on 24"x24" canvases.  What a statement!  I can't wait to get pictures of them on their wall.  I'll share in my gallery when I receive them.

Thinking back to how truly easy these are to paint I thought I would share a few thoughts if you wanted to take on your own project at home.  I'm thinking this simple design would look good in any home with the right words and colors.  It's modern with that distressed vintage look.

Ok...so...I say easy.  It can be easy.  Just don't get frustrated with the process.  It is supposed to be somewhat random looking.  I guess like a thought out messy look. 

For starters you'll want to paint a solid base coat with even brush strokes, 2 coats. 

You will need to get the letters you would like printed.  This may sound technical, but its not hard at all.  Of course, not for me...cause I just get my husband to do it ;)  But he says it's not hard.  I'll tell you what he does.  Create a pdf of the letters you would like.  Pull up Microsoft Word.  Select the page size to match the size canvas you are working with.  You may have to set a custom page size.  Type the single letter centered on one page and size to your satisfaction (I used Arial Bold).  Repeat for all letters.  Select "Save as" and chose file type "pdf" and voila.  Save to your thumb drive and discover the wonderful print shop at Staples.  Yes, Staples is the best place to make these large prints.  They have large format printers that can print up to 42".  Make sure you specify that you would like a print made on the basic plotter printer on basic paper.  You only need it to transfer onto your canvas later.  It's surprisingly inexpensive, really.  Now, admitedly, for a 24"x24" size you will probably need to use a graphics program to export an actual jpeg of the letter.  But, for a simple 12"x12" size, you should be fine.

So, you're back home and ready to get to work.  If you have transfer paper this works best.  If you do not want to go through the expense or the trip to Hobby Lobby you could trace the back side of the letter with a pencil along the outer edges of the letter.  When you turn it over and trace the front side the pencil marks will transfer onto the canvas.  This is twice the work and will make you wish you had purchased some transfer paper.  One tip...if you decide to rough it with a pencil, tape the print to a window so you can clearly see the letter to trace the back side.

After the letter is traced onto the canvas you're ready to paint the letter.  You'll notice the letters have a little texture painted into them.  This is created by alternating a lighter and darker shade of blue as I'm painting the letters.  If you do not feel ambitious enough to try this a solid color will work.  Let this dry completely.

Now the fun part!  Paint a gray-brown wash over the entire canvas.  A wash is basically watered down paint.  In this case, you will want more water than paint.  You do not want to change the color just dirty it up a little.  Don't saturate your paint brush.  It's more of a dry brush application.  While wet take a wet paper towel and wipe even more of the wash off.  Let this dry completely and you're ready for the distressing.  I used a mixture of white, yellow, gray, brown and blue.  You may want to experiment on a seperate surface and practice to get the desired look.  Take a brush and lightly dab paint onto the surface.  Take a dry paper towl and smudge.  Dab some, smudge some.  You won't smudge it all.  It will take on a life of it's own.  Don't overdo it.  You may end up with a dab and smudge mess!  I also use a pallet knife for the heavier textures that you see.  This is a little more advanced, but hey, you've come this far...go for it!


Ok!  Hopefully my ears won't be ringing at this point saying, "SHE SAID THIS WAS EASY!"  In theory it is easy, really! 

Here's the good news...if you don't want to try this...JUST BUY IT  :)    VIEW HERE: http://www.louandelle.com/product/canvas-letter-wall-art-home-decor-child-blue-and-gray?tid=3






Great Project!

Omg! I LOVE this project! I love this blog post! I love the photography! I love your work! How exciting :)

Thank you Brandie! Love ya!!

Thank you Brandie! Love ya!!

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