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Home is where the heart is. Sounds so cheesy and cliché, but the older I get memories of home seem nearer, dearer and warmer. What makes up who we uniquely are and the pieces that have fit together to form what we call “life” all begins at home. The people we love near or far, the time we spend with family, the things we laugh about, the foods we eat, the days we celebrate and the ideals we hold dear....it all makes up HOME. High and lofty sounding for an art blog, I know.

It's funny how distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. Fonder for the things you do take for granted back home. We moved away from our home in Southern Louisiana about three years ago now. It has been an exciting adventure and we are surrounded by a beautiful Ozark landscape in Branson MO. It seems now more than ever we cherish our trips back to Cajun country visiting with family and friends.

So, I'm inspired. I'm inspired to celebrate my home. I'm inspired to celebrate our warm cajun culture. I'm inspired to celebrate the pieces of my life that were uniquely designed by my Creator. The family I was born into, the church I first met my Savior, the husband I married, the children I've birthed, the Southern Louisiana culture of food, warmth and togetherness...my home.

Thinking of home reminds me of the story of Elijah and how God led him to a place of provision in a place called “there” I Kings 17:2-5. We all have a place called “there”. Sometimes we may find ourselves in different seasons preparing for the next “there”. I believe it's important to remember no matter where we have been, where we are or where we are going we should completely and 100% inhabit “there”. Ultimately, embracing God's “place” for us has everything to do with the success we will have there.

Having said that, I'm learning not to diminish the lessons and experiences of the past to embrace the present. Sometimes it may seem God is doing a constant gut job with our lives when I think God is a lot like me, He just can't pass up a good fixer-upper. Life is a journey and God is building us up for something wonderful, piece by piece. And every piece matters.


So, celebrate your home. Celebrate what makes you, you. Celebrate the things that really matter. And most importantly stop, take a deep breath...and enjoy the journey that God has laid before you!

SO, TAKE SOME TIME AND SHARE!  Share something that celebrates what is uniquely you and reminds you of "HOME", FAMILY, FRIENDS, ETC.  (OR JUST SAY HELLO TO LET ME KNOW YOU STOPPED BY)  Whoever touches these warm and fuzzies that I'm overindulging in this blog the most wins the black and gold home sign (of course in your state and colors)







































Being home over Thanksgiving for my sister's wedding was a special treat. Her wedding was at the home where we were raised and was absolutely beautiful Seeing my sister so happy with her new husband and watching her and my dad cut a rug cajun dancing was a real treat. The whole trip was a blast and we ate till I couldn't button my pants. Good times for sure!


My new home is really, really close to your family home and watching this new family grow and bond, warms ny heart! My childhood home, I was surrounded by three sisters and a brother who was away in the Military. Being the youngest, my sister took care of me, loved me and disciplined me. They are a big part of the person I am today! As an adult, our home was always and still is centered around family, my husband, children and grandchildren! I am blessed to have many people to love and love me!


Mrs. Karen this is so sweet! And I agree it is a beautiful thing watching the new Williams family come together!

Comment from Deborah Comeaux...

Kim you inspire me!! You are beautiful as always inside and out. God has given you such gifts spiritually and otherwise!! Thank you for sharing! Truly needed this today!! Hugs!!!

One small little detail of

One small little detail of life that reminds me of home is coffee making! The smell is so strong and amazing it always invokes memories of my Memews house. Still to this day her coffee pot is never empty, we all enjoy going back home and sharing love and memories over a cup. Maybe that is way I enjoy coffee so much as an adult and whenever we have friends over at the Fay house always includes coffee too! I never imagined I would live 6 hours from (home) but God has done amazing things in our lives on this journey! I am so thankful to have great family that are still a huge part of our lives even if they are not right down the street.

This is so true...

...the smell of coffee does the same thing to me! My husband and I are like 2 old people with our faithful cup in the morning and afternoon. Thank you for posting!!

Cajun Country!

Although I've never lived outside the State of Louisiana, I have ventured outside of Cajun country to the central part of Louisiana and lived for two years in Alexandria and Pineville. I cannot express how different the scape of the land is and how different the people are just two hours North on U.S. Interstate 49! Cenla is the land of rolling hills, red dirt and excess countryside nestled between sleepy country towns, while Cajun Country is helplessly flat and marshy. Cenla's people are more "northern", while Cajuns are warm and friendly. The initial excitement of moving away and trying new things and making new friends is eventually replaced by Dorothy's feeling of "there's no place like home" hitting the Lafayette exit, and especially driving past Magdalen Square in the heart of Abbeville! I'm definitely a proud Cajun! My heart belongs in Cajun Country!

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