Reward of Completion

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My wedding anniversary is in April, but due to unfortunate circumstances with COVID-19, my husband and I had no way of celebrating.  From hotels to restaurants, everything was shut down.  It was just recently we had the chance to finally get away for a short trip to Nachitoches, LA.  Lets just say it was very necessary.  Not just to get away from home, but to take it as an opportunity for spiritual renewal.




As pastors, we are constantly pouring out to others, so it is vital to keep our walk with the Lord fresh and healthy.  The same goes for my art and Lou and Elle.  If it weren't for God's hand of grace in my life, I couldn’t achieve what I do everyday. 


This pelican was something new for me.  The sheer size of 24x48 is on a much larger scale than pelicans I've done in the past.  It took patience not only to paint, but to keep calm every time my kids walked in my art room because they were bored.  All jokes aside, this was a bit of a step out of my comfort zone. At times it felt like an uphill battle.  If I did not start off my morning in prayer everyday, I would have given up on this piece before seeing the "reward of completion".

Completion is such a fulfilling word.  Especially for people like me.  Sometimes, to a fault, I am productivity-minded.  Always need to be accomplishing or creating something.  Starting a project is the easy part.  Getting it done takes perseverance.  No matter what it looks like, I'm not going to quit.  This is part of how God created me, but I think it is within all of us to desire the satisfaction that comes with fulfilled dreams or goals.

Maybe you're in the middle of something now.  Maybe your plans look a little like an unfinished canvas and the task ahead seems insurmountable.  Don't give up.  Within you is everything you need to get it done.  God would not have given you that desire without the ability to see it through and taste the "reward of completion".  


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