A Season to Grow

CHRISTMAS DEADLINE!  Last day to order to receive by Christmas is December 9th.  All orders received after this date will not be completed until after January 5th.


Hello and welcome BACK to my blog!  I am thrilled to announce that you can be expecting blogs much more often from now on! Don’t forget to subscribe to Lou and Elle for updates on blogs, discounts, and new product updates!


Life is always bringing challenges to the table.  We go through many different seasons of life; some good, some, not so much.  But one thing stands true regardless of the season, you can always expect growth.  Just like every harsh winter brings hope of a blissful spring to follow, every challenge presents hope of new growth.  It is no secret that this global pandemic has completely altered life as we know it.  But we have the choice to react in angst, or treat it as a challenge with an opportunity to flourish. 


It has become evident to me that God works in the most fascinating ways.  He can take something meant for evil and completely turn it around for good.  And that is in fact, exactly what He has done with COVID-19.  I’ve heard countless testimonies come from this time of despair, proving God is bigger than a virus!  Hebrews 11:23 says “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.”  The key is to keep our eyes on God and not lose hope; He always has a plan!


As you know, Lou and Elle has been temporarily closed due to Corona-craziness.  Although putting my business on hold wasn't ideal, I had a choice to make. I could either sit in pity, or make use of my free time.  With no orders coming in, I chose to seek God for what He wanted for the future of Lou and Elle.  It caused me to think outside of the box into product options I had not previously entertained.


As I have mentioned in previous blogs, family is everything to me, and home is where the heart is.  As a tribute of our cajun culture, I created the Louisiana Collection which continues to be a favorite of repeat customers.  I love this collection, however, I wanted to explore different ways to expand Lou and Elle that required no hand painting; finding creative ways to reproduce original artwork in different forms.  ...Enter the “French Word Series”!  Lou and Elle is now expanding the "French Word" hand painted plaques to include T-shirts and notecards!  The T-shirts are a perfect way to show off our fun cajun culture and promote Lou and Elle!  The "French Word" notecards seemed to be a natural choice as a unique way to use Cajun French expressions that are sure to bring a smile to the receipient! 

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The T-shirts are impressive! Professionally screen-printed with great detail and quality on a Soft Style "T" with a nice fit.  Current sizes are adult small, medium and Large.  I can take orders for larger sizes upon request.  The note cards are made using long-lasting archival materials.  

If you take anything away from this blog, let it be that if you remain steadfast and trust God, He will prove faithful. I knew I wanted something innovative, but without God’s hand of grace on me, I wouldn’t have a fresh direction for the future of Lou and Elle. Even when there’s a world-wide pandemic, God is moving in creative ways!



GIVEAWAY!!!  Share this blog post on Social for a chance to win a Lou and Elle “Creative Soul” T-shirt!  This is how:  Share on any social platform, screen shot it, and email pic to rkr.louelle@gmail.com.  Winner will be announced on the next blog post!

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